• San Antonio River Authority adopts resolution officially supporting the Missions of San Antonio World Heritage application. See More.


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A very large thank you is due to these primary sponsoring organizations.  This is a very major undertaking and will require thousands of hours and dollars to develop the World Heritage application for the San Antonio Missions.


We hope individuals and businesses will join this group of sponsors either through in-kind or monetary donations.  Just contact us to let us know how you’d like to participate and we’ll arrange a phone call or meeting.  You’ll receive full recognition on this page and in all our outreach efforts with the San Antonio community.


Also, we ask that you download the website banner and use it on your organization’s website and link it to www.MissionsofSanAntonio.org.  You will help spread the message about this important work and let others know how they can help.

Supporters Resolutions

Thank you for your support.  We will keep you updated on the Missions World Heritage nomination process through email.


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WORLD HERITAGE INFORMATION SAN ANTONIO APPLICATION PROCESS How world politics could deliver a blow to the Alamo. World Heritage Application Executive Summary. (For complete application visit our publications page) FIND MORE NEWS HERE.... San Antonio's Missions enter Global Spotlight. What's new at San José's Rose Window APRIL 26 - MAY 3: World Heritage Week